Monday, July 8, 2013

Great Day at the Spa

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to talk about something great that happened to me over the weekend. Not sure if you have heard about It is a site that you can find great deals in your local area. They have great deals on things like food, services and goods. If you have never used it you should. I have found great deals for my self and well as my daughter and her friends.

I was celebrating my birthday so my friend and I decided to make a day of it and one of the deals I want to talk about and review is my deal for the Ritz Carlton Spa.  It was a really great deal for such a beautiful spa. I received 3 services mani/pedi, facial and a massage for about 1/2 what it normally would be .
locker room

After I purchases the groupon I called on the phone to make an  appointment I first spoke with Katie who was a sweet as she could be. She did a wonderful job booking all the appointments for our services. I was so excited to spend a day and relax with my very best buddy Kathy:) When we arrived we were greeted by really nice people who valet your car and then met a very nice door man by the name of Ignacio who showed us to the elevator and explained how to get to the spa.
resting room

When we arrived on the 2nd floor we walked to the spa and was greeted by the lovely girl Katie that I had spoken to on the phone for our appointments and she helped us to the back and gave us a robe and shoes  and explained where everything was. She then showed us where to wait and offered us refreshments while we waited for the girls to call us back to start our relaxing time. We then sat down in a lovely room decorated in soft blue, green and warm browns.

I was then called back to have a massage that was performed by Deborah who was so friendly and kind and made me feel welcome. She showed me to a very comfortable room with nice linens and blankets to keep me warm. I was so relaxed after that service. She then brought me to see Martha who did a wonderful job massaging my hands and feet. The mani/pedi was awesome:)

I had to wait for my facial a bit so I relaxed with a magazine and drank so tea. I chatted with a few of the other nice ladies who were getting services and they we very impressed at the spa and the service. I went in sauna and relaxed a bit more before my facial. After about 20 min. I was called back by a warm and friendly girl named Danica who asked how I was doing and wanted to make sure I had a great experience. The room she took me to was very clean and relaxing. The facial was amazing:)

After the facial I went to the beautiful waiting area where I waited for my friend to finish. Once she was done Deborah and Katie called use over to a little area where they had a delicious chocolate cake with a little chocolate piece in front that said Happy Birthday. Totally did not expect that and they did not charge extra for that. It was totally a surprise to me and my friend. Kathy had mentioned it was my birthday but was not expecting anything like that. The day was wonderful and fun. If you live or are visiting South Florida make sure to check out the Ritz Carlton Spa you will not be disappointed.


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