Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pirate Party Favors and Party Ideas

Having fun Planning a Pirate Party

 Creating a fun party for children can be a fun planning process. You can go over the top or try to find things you already have around your house to create a the party fun. 
When I host a party I do a little of both. I think what I have lying around that I could use to create the main table, buffet tables, the gift tables and any of the activities that I will set up. 

The main table for a Pirate Theme Party

First, you need to think of how many people and table you will need. I love to plan parties that people feel comfortable at. Meaning everyone has room to move and sit. I can't stand going to party and you can't move around or sit down to eat or have a conversion with the other guests. Always make sure you have enough sitting for everyone. Even the parents.

You can start off with the main table. Purchase cute pirate theme tableware to let your little pirates know of the good time that awaits them.