Monday, July 16, 2012

Jungle and Safari Theme Party Ideas

Safari Or Jungle Theme Party

A safari or jungle is the perfect idea for a theme party for boys and girls of all ages. As the summer months come upon you and the temperture rises, it is the best way to celebrate the heat with a wild get-together that is bound to create lasting  memories for your guests for years to come.

Safari Theme Party Table Ideas 

To start off with when planning a jungle themed birthday party, create a jungle background in your party area with fern leaves, animal print fabrics and colorful feather butterflies and birds. Think about the movie Rio and use bright colors and fabrics to make your room come alive.
Decorate your table with a green or brown color tablecloth. Then lay fern leaves across the table and use some palm tree centerpieces and a cute jungle theme centerpiece.  Also include cute monkey plates, cups and napkins to complete the look.

Jungle or Safari  Fun Games and Activities

One ideas would be to hire a face painter to turn your little guests into lions, zebras and tigers. It’s also fun to decorate a large mirror with fern leaves from a craft store so the little ones can look at their painted faces.

Another activity to do is create an area with a group of large jungle stuffed animals together in a  corner and have interesting animal books (both fiction and non-fiction which have great pictures) to steal some quiet moments from the party chaos.  You could buy enough for each guest and when the party is over let them take a book or animal home. I would write a little something in each book about your party so they would remember where they got it from.

Don't forget to set up an area for dress up or play time. Children love to dress up and pretend play. Set up a table and purchase a long mirror and paint or decorate in the jungle theme. Place safari hats, vests and jungle related items in baskets so children could dress up and play as if they were going on a safari looking for wild animals. Next, download jungle music on your iPod so you can have tropical bird noises and drum sounds to set the tone. Speaking of music, in a basket have a variety of drums and shakers available so the birthday guests can take turns pounding to the rhythm. It’s nice to have a variety of activities so kids can explore at their own pace.

After, you could even play safari hunt with them.  Use bug kits and place plastic animals and bugs around your party area and have your guests use the tweezers or nets to collect the animals. Who ever collects them first wins. Give a prize to the winner.

Party Crafts

When throwing a party make sure to make a crafty or two. Children love to create things and it is great for pictures and they take home a great memory. First you could have them decorate the bug kits with letter, bug or animal stickers. Then use them for a game mentioned above. You could also have them create a safari door sign or picture frame. Have the children pose together and take a picture of all of them. Then print it out to give to each guest to take home.

Jungle theme Food and Cake  

Instead of  a traditional birthday cake choose cupcakes with different jungle animal heads on each one or a cute monkey cupcake pick.  You can display them on faux fern leaves to keep the jungle green consistent throughout the d├ęcor or a cute jungle theme cupcake stand. For food you can serve animal crackers, finger sandwiches cut in animal shapes and a variety of tropical fruits cut in bite-size pieces. 

So with a little planning you to can create a memory for your child's next birthday. Also for more ideas make sure to check out 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pirate Party Favors and Party Ideas

Having fun Planning a Pirate Party

 Creating a fun party for children can be a fun planning process. You can go over the top or try to find things you already have around your house to create a the party fun. 
When I host a party I do a little of both. I think what I have lying around that I could use to create the main table, buffet tables, the gift tables and any of the activities that I will set up. 

The main table for a Pirate Theme Party

First, you need to think of how many people and table you will need. I love to plan parties that people feel comfortable at. Meaning everyone has room to move and sit. I can't stand going to party and you can't move around or sit down to eat or have a conversion with the other guests. Always make sure you have enough sitting for everyone. Even the parents.

You can start off with the main table. Purchase cute pirate theme tableware to let your little pirates know of the good time that awaits them. 


You should start off with either a black, red or white tablecloth. You could use plastic or linen depending on the look you want.

After you need to add cute pirate centerpieces. You can create your own using pirate themed items. You can use treasure chests, pirate masks, gold coins and pirate ships. Place them across the table or use as the main focus of the table.

Don't forget to add cute skull mugs or skull goblets. They are always fun. Just add each guest's name with a fabric paint marker and use that as the place setting. Make sure to wrap the  napkins with a fun ribbon or use curly ribbon and attach a fun whistle skull whistle of pirate toy. If you want to add a little more fun you can tie a scarf around the chair and add a fun pirate mask to it.

Pirate Princess Treasure Chest Craft KitPirate Skull GobletWhite Pirate Skull Party Favor Whistles

Pirate Party Favors

After you have the table set up. You want to create a fun keep sake of the day, You can create a cute pirate goodie bags and fill with gold coins. whistles and fun candy treats. You can also use treasure pirate boxes to fill with goodies and create a pirate theme goodie table and let your little pirate fill the goodie bags or black boxes themselves. Place baskets and jars filled with all kinds of pirate treasure.

Pirate Party Crafts

When planning a party you need to make sure you have some extra fun. You can either hire someone to entertain the guests. A clown, face painter or some type of entertainer. Or have some fun games planned. You can also have a fun craft set up and let the children have fun creating a memory to take home. Some thing fun would be a treasure chest craft see above. This kit comes with everything you need for your guests to create a treasure just for them.These make great party favors.

Make sure to check out for other fun ideas for your next party. Also check back on this blog for more pics and ideas.