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Tips for Hosting a Party

Tips for Hosting a Party

People love party favors
I am right now planning a cupcake decorating party. It has been a lot of fun and hard work.  I have been planning her party for about 3 months. And her day will be next weekend, So here are a few tips to help you plan a party.

1. First think of a theme that you want to do. A princess party, a pirate party, a spa party, etc. 

2. After you figure that out Google the theme and look at the images to see if anything sparks your interest and also look on this blog for some past parties I have done. 

3. Compile the images and notes in a folder on your desk top. That will make it easier to find ideas later, 

4. Think of you budget and how much you can spend. And figure out home much you can do yourself. Sometimes party places will rent up supplies at a fair price and that will save you time and money trying to find the stuff yourself.  Once the party is over it all goes back and you are free and clear of the mess. 

5. I like hosting  small parties.  I think they are more fun and you can spend quality time with your guests. You can also make the party extra special because it is a manageable group. When I host a party I like to personalize everything and really show the guest a good time.  

Personalizing things for the guests will make them feel special
Beautiful china I found at a consignment shop

6. Another place to look for decorations for a party is at consignment shops. People give away lots of good stuff that you can use to decorate and them you get it cheap. I got the china from a consignment shop. What a deal and they were beautiful. So start looking!!!

7. People love party favors. Make sure they go home with something to remember your party. At this party the girls went home with a personalized hanger and a party dress. They girls were in heaven that day. 

8. Food is always a big concern. Make it simple and easy. At this princess tea party I made sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters. And then I served chips and grapes. Then I made pink lemonade and the girls loved it. 

9. Play games that are fun and easy. You can play bingo or bean bag toss. Kid love it and it is fun. 

10. Relax and have fun. Not everything will always go as planned but it will always work out.

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Good luck planning your next celebration. Make sure to check out my website for some ideas and products to help you make your party extra special.


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