Monday, April 9, 2012

Creating an Inviting Party Entrance

Creating an Inviting Party Entrance

I love to host parties and when I do I want my guests to feel like the are special.And that happens from the moment they walk up to the entrance to the party. 

I am planning a cupcake decorating party and this is an idea to help decorate the front entrance of any party. This party is at home.  

First, I bought a small table and covered it with a white table cloth. I then placed a satin purple piece of fabric over the white table cloth. I found a chalkboard and wrote on the board to welcome the guests to the party. You can
add cards or clings around the frame of the board. Or pretty much anything to match your theme. Here are a few example from Different parties I did. Really cute idea and your guest will love to be greeted at the door with something pretty.
Add this sign for a girls spa party

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