Sunday, April 8, 2012

Create place cards for a birthday party

Create place card for a child's birthday party

I am working on a party and wanted to personalize the party for each child. So I came up with a few ideas that I  did.  

There are several ways to create a place card.
1. you can print one from your computer. Take a image that matches your party and use Word to insert the image. Then type the child's name next to the image. You can cut it out and use colored paper to put behind it. 

This is for a cupcake decorating party
2. You can get cute stickers to match your theme and create the place card that way. Then take matching paper and cut out to match the stickers or theme. 

I created a place card for each activity the children will be doing. It makes it easy the day of the party so there is no fighting about who will sit where. The children love to find there spot at the activity and look forward to each fun thing planned.

I made these place cards to go with the cupcake decorating party that we are creating. Check out this blog and my store for other cool ideas. 

And you  can email me your favorite place cards and I will add them to this article.
For some great items that will make your next celebration a success.  Visit my site 

Making necklace to match cupcake theme


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