Monday, March 19, 2012

A Picnic Party can be Fun

I know sometimes trying to find the right kind of theme might be hard but walking around your house might be all you need to do.

Birthday Picnic

Butterfly Place setting

 This is how I found this idea. My friend wanted to have a party for her daughter but was a little low on funds. So I offered to help. I told her let me look around my house to see what I could find. So as I was looking through my closet of goodies I can up having a picnic. I found some cute flower plates and made a trip to the dollar store to see what else I could find.

We had flower sandwiches made from cookie cutters.

Candy Kabob Station
The kids used wood sticks and took candy and stuck all kinds of gummy candy on it. 

 Craft Table                                                       

Cute way to display a fun activity
The table was great. Lots of the stuff I found t Micheal's Craft store. I printed out a cute label for each child and tied with ribbon. My friend had a sheet and threw it on the table. 

After that we made a little crafting table outside with all kinds of goodies I found at Micheal's

Also went I went to the dollar store I found cute aprons with bugs on them. They were perfect for the theme.  I took fabric paint and wrote each of kids names on them and used as a place setting. So CUTE!!!!

After all of that fun. There was still more to go. We thought it would be fun to decorate cupcakes. Easy to set up. Just bake some cups and let them decorate, decorate, decorate!!!

Kids having a great time!!


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