Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party Stations are Fun!!!

Hi Everyone

As I work on my site I will keep you up to date but I will also put a few pics from parties I have done and ideas that I found helpful. When planning a party it is really important to plan ahead. I always plan at least  
6 months out. That way you have plenty of time to find stuff and ideas. 

My daughter's birthday this year is a cupcake theme and it is not that easy to find ideas for it. The first thing you do is pick a theme. Then select a few colors. For her party I selected 4 colors. purple, a turquoise blue, lime green and fuchsia. I have pretty much using those colors throughout my decor. 

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I like small parties. I am having 8 girls and will have stations set up with different activities and of course they all will go with the theme. 

My tables
1. cupcake decorating. The girls with all get aprons
2. cupcake necklace craft. 
3. painting station.  painting cupcake magnets
4. main table cupcake plates and colors to match decor
5.  candy station 
6. My great friend will be face painting 
7. bounce house and bean bag games. 

party stations make the party fun and organized
I will add photos as they come available. This photo is from my daughter's tea party. This station was a dress up station. They sat here and looked in the mirror (found for $5 at a Goodwill and painted it gold to match) and put on jewelry and decorated themselves. Adding these personal touches really make a difference in the party. You can always find stuff you have laying around the house to use a fillers. (pillows, small hat rack, vases, baskets) You always have some of the items laying around. 

Hope you have enjoyed these tips. I have plenty more to come. See you soon. Don't forget to visit my esty site and website or

And come back for more ideas. Or please post an idea you may have. 


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