Saturday, March 31, 2012

Party Idea stuffing bears

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Hosting a Princess Party Treasure Hunt

Just thinking about past parties and working on new parties. And wanted to share something fun you can add to any type of party. Children love build a bear and what an idea to bring it to your party but a fraction of the price. For about $7 a bear and about $8-$10 or the outfit. You can bring the fun to your house. All of these great items can be added to any party and what a memory.

Take a look at at how cute they are. 

This party all of the children went on a scavenger hunt with the princess to find the treasure. And the treasure was the bear outfits that matched the children.
The girls stuffed bears and had outfits to match,
The boys stuffed raccoons with knight outfits.

Even the beautiful princess helped

Pink dress pink bear outfit. They had a blast making these. Great for any theme. May outfits available.

This was such a perfect day a for all of the beautiful princesses.

Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates Mr. Rebates


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