Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creating a Tea Party Table

Hi Everyone

I LOVE TEA PARTIES!! Or any parties for that matter. 
I created a tea party for my daughter when she was 4. She loved and I loved it. It was a lot of work and lots of late nights on the computer looking for the right products to all fit together. I guess when it comes to parties I become a little obsessed. 

When ever you throw any type of celebration you need to start off with an idea or theme. Now everything does not have to match perfectly that is what makes it so perfect. 

I had my wonderful husband take all of the furniture out of the room and that left me lots of room to create wonderful things. Down the center of the room was the the table.

Lets talk today about the table.
I found beautiful linens and then I made sure they went all the way to the floor. Then I bought the china you see in the picture from a thrift store. That was a very good find.  I then decorated the back of a chair with a sash, boa and rose, The food was simple. 4year old don't like much. So cute sandwiches with grapes and goldfish type crackers. They loved it.

back of chair

Place setting for each child
Tea Party Food Simple but cute

Tea Party Room
So my vision was PINK, PINK and More pink and that is what I did. I will show you more of this wonderful party in later blogs.

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Nancy said...

Love it! Beautiful party ideas. Looking forward to seeing more!

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