Saturday, March 31, 2012

Party Idea stuffing bears

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Hosting a Princess Party Treasure Hunt

Just thinking about past parties and working on new parties. And wanted to share something fun you can add to any type of party. Children love build a bear and what an idea to bring it to your party but a fraction of the price. For about $7 a bear and about $8-$10 or the outfit. You can bring the fun to your house. All of these great items can be added to any party and what a memory.

Take a look at at how cute they are. 

This party all of the children went on a scavenger hunt with the princess to find the treasure. And the treasure was the bear outfits that matched the children.
The girls stuffed bears and had outfits to match,
The boys stuffed raccoons with knight outfits.

Even the beautiful princess helped

Pink dress pink bear outfit. They had a blast making these. Great for any theme. May outfits available.

This was such a perfect day a for all of the beautiful princesses.

Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates Mr. Rebates

Build A Bear Birthday Party Ideas

Build A Bear Workshop Party and Mall Party

Just helped one of my good friends host a quick party at Build Bear Workshop. So cute and easy. 

 My Friend made a reservation at Build A Bear at the mall closest to her house. She made it for 8 children and it was great. The girl who worked their Tiffany was great. Sweet and helpful.After the party we went to the food court and had cupcakes!!!

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 She Played games with the girls and made them smile.
The girls stuffed the bears and picked out outfits. They loved that.
 The girls got all of their new friends dressed and ready to take home.
The girls having a good time. The best place to have a party.

After I went out to the food court and set up a table.
With a little planning you can create a Fun a Special Memory for your child. 
I picked up a table cloth. Some plates, napkins and I saw these pretty butterflies that went with the plates.Don't forget juice boxes they are easy to clean up and don't have to worry about little ones spilling them.  I put all of the goodies on the table. The girls had the best time. It was quick and a memory Sophia won't forget!
Goodie Bags with the Bear Theme.
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Each of the girls received a Goodie Bag filled with special surprises.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Picnic Party can be Fun

I know sometimes trying to find the right kind of theme might be hard but walking around your house might be all you need to do.

Birthday Picnic

Butterfly Place setting

 This is how I found this idea. My friend wanted to have a party for her daughter but was a little low on funds. So I offered to help. I told her let me look around my house to see what I could find. So as I was looking through my closet of goodies I can up having a picnic. I found some cute flower plates and made a trip to the dollar store to see what else I could find.

We had flower sandwiches made from cookie cutters.

Candy Kabob Station
The kids used wood sticks and took candy and stuck all kinds of gummy candy on it. 

 Craft Table                                                       

Cute way to display a fun activity
The table was great. Lots of the stuff I found t Micheal's Craft store. I printed out a cute label for each child and tied with ribbon. My friend had a sheet and threw it on the table. 

After that we made a little crafting table outside with all kinds of goodies I found at Micheal's

Also went I went to the dollar store I found cute aprons with bugs on them. They were perfect for the theme.  I took fabric paint and wrote each of kids names on them and used as a place setting. So CUTE!!!!

After all of that fun. There was still more to go. We thought it would be fun to decorate cupcakes. Easy to set up. Just bake some cups and let them decorate, decorate, decorate!!!

Kids having a great time!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barbie Birthday Party

Hi Everyone,

I know with our busy lives it is very hard to find the time to put together something great for any occasion. If you just take a moment and walk around a dollar store,  a party store or even your own house you can find many cute ideas that can be put together to create something fun!!!

That is how I came up with this last party. 

It is my daughter's friend's birthday and her mom came up with theme Barbie. She wanted to decorate the tables a little. So my mind started to go and think what we could do. Then I thought to myself why not use toys??

That is free and cute. So we looked through her daughter's toys and this is what we came up with. Everyone loved it and thought how cute of an idea. Sometimes you don't need a lot of money to make it look great. Look around and see if you have anything that may go with the color you are using or even props like this one.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to Parties and Fun

Hi Everyone

My name is Lisa and I have created this blog to help people plan parties and get ideas to create fun and create parties favors, tablescapes and more...

I have always loved to plan parties and create cute favors for my guests. My motto is always take care of your guest. That is why you invited them. When I invite you to my house I want to make sure you enjoy yourself and feel comfortable. 

Here are just a few rules when having a get together.

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1. Make sure you mix the right people. If you are going to invite some friends over make sure they like each other. I watch Orange County House Wives and they are always throwing some type of party and they always are fighting and not getting along. Why would you invite people over that don't like each other. That just makes an uncomfortable situation for everyone. 

2. I like to make it small. If you can. Have about 10 good friends or people you know will mix well.

3. Have a theme. People love themes. Maybe even have them dress with a certain color or outfit. Ex. Host a summer party and ask them to wear light color colors like aqua and lime. Then create a beach theme using those colors for the tables. You could decorate with shells and sand. That could be a later blog:))

4. Set up a table where everyone can see each other. Maybe a round. Those are the best for seeing everyone and you can add lots of decorations to the tables.

5. Make the tablescape simple but fun. You see this Holiday party was simple but fun. I used a red table runner and different plates for each table. I used some candles in the middle which I decorated using a gingerbread theme. (one of my favorites) Sprinkle some cute sparkles around and you have a fun table that your friends will love. 

6. It is always nice for your friends to go home with a small token of the fun. In this party I used this cute gingerbread cookie that I found at the dollar tree. I tied it to the napkin using a sweet ribbon. You could always create use something like this to create even a nice name tag too Just print out a cute label and attach to cookie or whatever little token you find.

7. The food. That is always one of my tough shoe to fill. Make it simple. You can order some premades to help save time and make some stuff a head of time. And maybe ask some of the guest to make their dish. 

8. Make sure you enjoy your party. Take time to enjoy your guests. We sometimes get so wrapped up that we don't sit down to enjoy. 

Please take a look through my blog I will be posting all kinds of fun and cool ideas. Please visit me on facebook just search for Fun and Parties. Also visit my website.

Happy Party Planning. Visit often because I will be adding more fun and exciting tips.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creating a Tea Party Table

Hi Everyone

I LOVE TEA PARTIES!! Or any parties for that matter. 
I created a tea party for my daughter when she was 4. She loved and I loved it. It was a lot of work and lots of late nights on the computer looking for the right products to all fit together. I guess when it comes to parties I become a little obsessed. 

When ever you throw any type of celebration you need to start off with an idea or theme. Now everything does not have to match perfectly that is what makes it so perfect. 

I had my wonderful husband take all of the furniture out of the room and that left me lots of room to create wonderful things. Down the center of the room was the the table.

Lets talk today about the table.
I found beautiful linens and then I made sure they went all the way to the floor. Then I bought the china you see in the picture from a thrift store. That was a very good find.  I then decorated the back of a chair with a sash, boa and rose, The food was simple. 4year old don't like much. So cute sandwiches with grapes and goldfish type crackers. They loved it.

back of chair

Place setting for each child
Tea Party Food Simple but cute

Tea Party Room
So my vision was PINK, PINK and More pink and that is what I did. I will show you more of this wonderful party in later blogs.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Working on my Etsy Site is Such Fun!!!

Hello Everyone

I am just keeping you up to date on my Etsy site. I am working on Baby Shower Stuff today. I have found some really cute stuff to create beautiful centerpieces with. You could take many of my party favors and put them together to create such a cute theme as well as tables settings. Here a few photos of some of my favors.
You could take some styrofoam and cover with tulle and wrap ribbon around base and hot glue the pink shoes and other baby shower favors to create a cute center piece. 
I will post soon some finished ideas.

Also you can visit my Etsy site www.
These could be placed together to create a very cute centerpiece

Very cute favors for any baby shower